November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weight Loss!

I, once again, give thanks for 5-HTP,  In the week before Thanksgiving, I began experiencing a return of constipation and I also was urinating less frequently AND my weight was going back up.(Prior to switching to 5-HTP, I had taken the prescription antidepressant Elavil and gained 5 pounds in a couple of months; after switching to Elavil, I lost 10 pounds).  Since 5-HTP is used by many for weight control, I decided to up my dosage from the 100 mg I take at bedtime to 150.  However, on the few occasions when I've taken 150 mg. at bedtime, I've logged in only 5 or 6 hours sleep and awakened in a semi-manic go-go mood.  So I decided instead to take the extra 50 mg. with my afternoon nap on the day before Thanksgiving.  On Thanksgiving I overindulged as usual and was prepared for bad news when I got on the scale the next morning.  I was pleasantly shocked to find that I'd lost a pound!

I've continued on this regimen for the past few days and have lost an additional pound or two.  I may keep this up for another day or two, but then return to the 100 mg at bedtime only.  The first few days of taking the extra 50 mg at nap time, I got my usual 7 hours plus sleep at night without the manic morning after.  But now I'm beginning to experience the loss of sleep and morning mania. (But this has its plus side.  See the posting today on "5-HTP and Problem Solving.")

The reports on 5-HTP and weight loss assume that this is because 5-HTP acts as an appetite suppressant. This hasn't been my experience.  Instead, 5-HTP seems to produce much more frequent bowel movements and urination.

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