December 7, 2010

Dealing with high cost of Azilect

charter maldriverna
I'm on the AARP Medicarefix Preferred plan for my prescription meds.  This year, my first full year on PD meds, I hit the donut hole. I switched from Sinemet to the generic Carbidopa/Levodopa, which was a big cost saving.

Unfortunately there's no generic for Azilect and, boy, is it pricey! A 90-day supply costs $938.14,  a price that AARP says it negotiated down from the retail price of $988.28. So the yearly cost is $3752.58.

I did some web searching on this and found a good site -- --that searches for the best costs on prescription meds. The first time I tried it on Azilect I got a price of $570 from a company in Grenada that got good reviews.  Today when I checked healthpricer gave a price of $525 from a Canadian company, Maple Leaf Meds, that gets even better reviews. It's website is 

I've got a supply of Azilect that will last for a couple of months, so I'll continue to check out this possibility. And I'll talk with my neurologist about Azilect and it s costs when I have my next appointment at the end of this month.


Phebe Lewan said...

I need to find azilect at a cheaper price.  Have you found any additional informatioon?  Thanks.  Phebe

John said...

Sorry Phebe, I replied to this earlier but it apparently disappeared into cyberspace.  I looked at the price for Azilect at a reputable Canadian online pharmacy and it was lower but when I compared the year's I=in Canada with the cost here under Medicare, my supplemental plan, and the price discount for 2012 when in the donut hole, I decided the relatively small difference wasn't worth opting for Canada.  Also I've saved some money by cutting my Azilect pills in half for a month. I didn't do this to save money but rather to check and see if Azilect was reacting adversely with my blood pressure meds, (I'm sure medical professionals would disapprove of my doing this.)
I'm also thinking of trying something another commenter recommended -- he saves money by asking his neurologist each time he sees him for some of the doctor's sample Azilect pills.