December 3, 2010

Vitamin B6, L-Dopa, Carbidopa, and 5-HTP

Anyone taking L-Dopa/Carbidopa and/or 5-HTP shouldn't take more than the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin B6.  See:

Here's some of what the above article says:

"A Parkinson's disease patient taking L-DOPA cannot take more than
the RDA of B6, because doing so would act to neutralize
oral L-DOPA too quickly. These days, almost all Parkinson's
patients on L-DOPA take the drug in a combination with an
artificial decarboxylase inhibitor, called Carbidopa (the
combination is called Sinemet). But even with Carbidopa,
Parkinson's patients are advised not to exceed a daily dose of B6
of 25 mg, since more will overwhelm the Carbidopa effect, and
cause pharmacologic L-DOPA to be destroyed in the liver before it
can get into the brain.

Now, Carbidopa, because it acts on the same metabolizing
enzyme in the liver, performs exactly the same preservative
service for 5-HTP as for L-DOPA."

The article goes on to discuss how 5-HTP and Carbidopa work together to boost the effectiveness of 5-HTP

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Gkppkh said...

In all of my research, I have not found this - I will share with my husband because I can bet he is exceeding the RDA of B6!
I emailed you a personal note - I love hour log John and find you so truly inspiring!
Thanks to Trevor for sending me your link! We are all one nigh community!
Best regards,
Pamela Parker
Parker's Climb
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