March 25, 2011

Highlights of March Postings

 Here's  are some highlights of the March 2011 postings that follow:
  • Some ramblings from me about staying active by being willing to go out alone.
  • A terrific guest posting from my pal Loene about her cancer support group.
  •  An inspiring video posting by my new online friend Margie on her experiences thus far while in a clinical trial on using her own stem cells to treat her Parkinson's
  • A very hopeful report on what neuroscientists at Duke University are doing  in brain-computer-motion experiments that could lead to dramatic break throughs in treating Parkinson's and other movement disorders. Check out the video of the rhesus monkey operating a robotic arm just by thinking about the movements!!
Please feel free to comment on any of these posts to get a discussion going.

Coming attractions: I plan to take a look at the ever-scary issue of dementia next week.

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