May 25, 2011

Healthy aging tips from Oprah's pal Dr. Oz. Hmmm, sex, chocolate, coffee.... What's not to like?

A friend sent me a link to this recent appearance by Dr. Oz on the Wendy Williams Show (Wendy bombed out early on this season's Dancing With the Stars). Dr. Oz  also often was a  guest on Oprah's show which, coincidentally, ends today.

Yes, the video is a little hokey and simplistic.  I prefer eating salmon or herring several times a week to taking fish oil or Omega-3 pills. And yes, I need more exercise than just squeezing my butt when sitting in a chair!

Still, it's a fun, helpful clip. Take a look; what do you think?


Sylvie Richard said...

If these two are following this advice, I'll sign on, too. Just look at them!

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