June 9, 2011

Healthy Aging Ain't Easy in Washington, DC Today

Our Founding Fathers were brilliant in drafting a constitution. But today I wonder if they were all that smart in deciding to build our capital on a swamp. The photos below are from my morning walk:

The time:
The temperature:

And the Citibank sign doesn't show the worst number -- the humidity which probably is in the 90's. Predicted high temp for today -- 100. 

AS I age,  the humidity increasingly impacts me. So I'll stay in the AC today and complain about the DC swamp.  But when the predicted relief comes this weekend, I'll be back to loving the city.


Tndowner said...

Tom told me about walking home from BNA and straight into the shower, wash and wear suit on, to cool off.  Then to bed with wet sheet and fan.  Oh- those were the days.

John Schappi said...

Did Bill or Bev ever tell you about the photo of Tom and Bill and Lili, taken in front of Melonas (not the right name of the cheap lunch restaurant) that was posted in BNA's lobby a few years ago as part of a display about the OLD BNA.  Bill was looking at the display and an employee standing next to him looked at the photo and looked at him and then did it again and said "Is that you?" Bill allowed as how it was. She said: (Ready?) -- My, you used to be very good looking.