March 17, 2012


One of the joys of my "Nepal Decade" has been watching Rahil -- Ramesh and Laxmi's son -- grow up. Early on, I knew it would be best for Rahil to spend his early years in Nepal, not in the U.S.

Here in Pokhara, he's been surrounded by extended family and friends, lavishing him with love and attention since the day he was born -- November 2, 2004.

Since I lived in the same house with Rahil for weeks at a time during my visits to Pokhara, I got to see him more often than my own grandchildren (and now great grandchildren). We’ve developed a special bond.

When the family was recently talking about the impending move to Washington, Rahil announced that he didn't care what his mother and father did; HE was "going to live with John!"

Here are a few of the many photos I took this past week of my buddy Rahil. He joins me for breakfast at Mike's:

He touts Mike's book, A Stone House in Pokhara:

Wherever we went, Rahil insisted on carrying my backpack:

With his mom Laxmi and me. Soon, the three of us will be flying back to the USA... together.

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