April 10, 2012

A Lovely Easter with My Lovely Family

My March visit to Nepal and the good times with my Nepali families were terrific, but "there's no place like home." So I thoroughly enjoyed getting together with the four generations of Schappis at my son Todd's on Sunday.

Here's a shot of three of the generations:

That's my daughter Ann, grandchildren Colin, Emily, and Jessie and Jessie's two daughters Kaylee (with Colin) and McKensie (with Ann).

Kensie (as she's now called) will soon celebrate her first birthday and is too young to have any idea what Easter is all about. But Kaylee, at age five, knows it's all about finding Easter eggs, especially the golden egg with dollar bills inside:

"Poppa" Todd teaches Kaylee a new skill -- using a slingshot to fire off a jelly bean:

The new Annie Oakley (does anyone else remember Annie Oakley?) seems pleased with her aim:

Kaylee's sister Kensie is also learning new tricks -- how to walk -- under the watchful eyes of mother Jessie and father Dan:

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Here's Todd with Kaylee on Christmas, 2008:

And here's Todd with Kensie on Easter, 2012:

One thing never changes -- Todd's love for his children and grandchildren.

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