May 25, 2012

A Nepali Wedding Celebration in Bethesda, MD

When my wife and I were married in January, 1957 (the weekend of President Eisenhower's second inauguration), the ceremony was attended by the Unitarian minister and three friends. That's it. After a multiple-martini lunch with our "crowd," my bride and I took the train to NYC for our three-day honeymoon.

In contrast, I was totally wowed by the wedding celebrations of my Nepali housemates Nimesh and Bhawana. Those festivities began with a week full of events in Kathmandu where the wedding took place (extensively covered here). The fun continued last Saturday night with a lovely reception for friends here in the Washington, DC area.

Behold beautiful Bhawana in her gorgeous sari as we got ready to leave the house:

A Terrific Venue for the Reception
"Listservs" are great resources for neighbors to exchange emails about their concerns, good and bad contractors, whatever. We received several responses to our inquiry in our Palisades neighborhood listserv about a reception locale. Nimesh and Bhawana decided on the Bannockburn Community Clubhouse just over the DC line in Maryland. It was perfect.

And so was the weather. Everybody gathered  first for drinks and snacks on the lovely grounds outside the clubhouse:

Guests later headed inside. This shot makes the clubhouse look more palatial than it really is:

The royal couple awaits their admirers:
As a surprise, their female Nepali friends performed a welcome dance:

The men couldn't resist joining in:

Then Nimesh and Bhawana took their turn on the dance floor:

And, for a grand finale....

This shot captures what I love about the Nepali people. Life is not easy in Nepal, but people there are as happy and fun-loving as any I've met.

Then came the dancing... then a marvelous catered Nepali supper... then MORE dancing. I arrived home around midnight. But the young revelers -- Bhawana, Nimesh and our three house guests -- kept the party going into the wee hours.

They look fairly fresh at lunch on our back porch just a few hours later. Youth!

What a week! It began with our cul-de-sac's "magical Mother's Day musicale", followed by a two-day celebration of my grandson Colin's graduation from college. Then, the happy wedding reception. Yes, a week to celebrate life!

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