October 24, 2012

Change of Seasons - Change of Rocking Chairs

So, THIS is what my life has come down to. The key summer-to-winter marker for me is the switch from the rocking chair on the back porch to the rocking chair in the living room. Jeez!

No matter the season, I spend several hours each day sitting in one rocking chair or the other.

The Summer Rocking Chair... and View
Here's the porch rocking chair. It's a beat-up old thing, but it's the most comfortable chair in the house. The pillow and cushion are kind to my back.

Here's the view from the chair a couple weeks ago:

After this photo was taken, I had a local garden center plant three crepe myrtles (two white, one red) at the top of the hillside, where you can now see my neighbor's yard and another house. Next week, I'm having a large sweet bay magnolia (50% deciduous) planted halfway up the hill. By next summer, I'm hoping these new plantings will give me the sense of having a secluded oasis in my back yard.

The Winter Rocking Chair... and View
Here's where I can be found with my morning coffee and the Washington Post every winter morning. I'm usually planted here again in the late afternoon for my pre-dinner coffee and magazine reading.

On the wall behind my throne is an original Colin Schappi: an excellent self-portrait collage -- made from newspaper clippings, believe it or not -- by grandson Colin. He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore last May. On his last update from the road, he was planning to camp in a ditch outside Ely, Nevada, as he nears the finish line of his solo bike trip across America.

You can see the computer screen in my office, up the stairs to the right. Since the blogging began, I usually spend more time in the chair in front of the computer than I spend in my rocking chairs.

The view from my living room rocking chair isn't quite as good as the back porch view, but it isn't bad.

One of the things I like most about the house is that just about every room has light streaming in (except for the windowless basement cave we turned into a bedroom for Nimesh and Bhawana, so they'd have a place of their own.)

All three of us love dogs and we periodically talk about getting one. Then I remember how each winter I sit in my cozy living room rocking chair early in the morning and look out at my neighbors walking their dogs in freezing weather.

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