October 26, 2012

Vermont for Fall Foliage? DC Does Just Fine.

We've had a glorious week in Washington. Warm days, cool nights, and colorful fall foliage at its peak. It's my favorite time of year here, and the reason I could never relocate to Florida or Arizona. I love our changes of season. Well, maybe not the change from spring to summer.

In contrast to the distance I'd have to travel to see the Vermont foliage or even the nearby Skyline Drive, these photos were taken on the 10 to 15 minute drive from my house to the local senior center or the adjacent metro stop.

Washington is a city of trees. Driving in the Vermont countryside or along Virginia's Skyline Drive, you wouldn't see trees growing around utility poles making pretty pictures like these:

Stunning streetscapes are everywhere:

In the city, we don't get the grand sweeping vistas that you see from Skyline Drive, but we can focus on the beauty of individual trees and shrubs:

The contrasting colors can be dramatic:

We get lots of reminders that Halloween is coming soon:

Just taking in the view from my back porch rocking chair ain't bad:

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Hazel said...

John, you read my mind! I have my photos ready to upload - far fewer than yours, but just as dramatic.