November 22, 2012

Celebrating Thanksgiving with "Generation Alzheimer's"

There’s much I can be grateful for this Thanksgiving:
  • a family that’s healthy, busy, and close by, 
  • many wonderful friends of all ages, 
  • a house I love, and
  • generally good health… in spite of Parkinson’s prostate cancer, and a nagging back. 
I’m also excited to be taking my extended family -- including great grandchildren! -- to Iceland on Saturday for a week of adventures. Among other things, we hope to see the Northern Lights. The moon will be a bit past new, and if the weather is clear – and solar activity cooperates – we might be in luck.

.I also will be remembering a dear friend who died on Tuesday after a valiant battle with myeloma and I'll be thankful for the talks we've had during the past year that deepened and enriched our friendship,

When I saw this article  on CNN’s Health page, I realized – again – how many blessings I can count this holiday. It’s title: Celebrating Thanksgiving with “Generation Alzheimer’s."

If you’re like me, the article might sharpen your gratitude, too. If you’ll be sitting down for turkey with a loved one who has Alzheimer’s -- as millions of American families will -- you might find a few tips to help make your special time together as wonderful as possible for everyone.

I should have had my kids and grandkids read the article before coming over for dinner today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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