January 4, 2013

Happy Old Year - #1: My Trip to Nepal Brought A Life-Enricihng Return

2012 was a very good year, and I'm planning a few "Happy Old Year" posts to remind me. Heading the  "Best of 2012" list is my March return to Nepal for the wedding of my housemate Nimesh to Bhawana. It was a joyous event. But, for me, an even greater joy has come from its aftermath: Bhawana joining our DC household. 

Normally, I would now provide some extensive background information. But adhering to my 2013 mantra of "Less Is More," I'll just suggest that if you want to learn more about my 10-year love affair with Nepal and its people, simply go to the "Blog Archive" at right and check the March posts from Nepal.

My Personal Favorites in the Wedding Photos
My favorite photos involve me. Surprise!

I was very honored to join Nimesh and his sister Sona for the ride to Bhawana's house on the wedding day.

One of the highlights of the trip was the rapport Nimesh's grandfather and I established, even without any common language.

March to September Transformation
Looking through the blog posts and photos from 2012, one thing that struck me was the contrast between the March wedding photos of Nimesh and Bhawana in Nepal, and the photos of them a few months later here in the U.S. The pictures don't do full justice to Bhawana's amazing adjustment and transformation. Before the March wedding, Bhawana hadn't traveled outside Nepal, aside from the last two years she'd spent in Mumbai (Bombay) India getting her MBA. Today, she could easily pass for a Nepali-American who was born here.

Here are a few contrasting photos from the March wedding in Nepal and our September trip to New York City over the Labor Day Weekend.

March at Nimesh's Family's Wedding Reception, and...

September brunch at the Boat House Restaurant in Central Park

# # # # # # #

Bhawana and Nimesh at the Engagement Day Celebration in March, and...


Bhawana and Nimesh at the Central Park Pond

# # # # # # #

Thapa Family Reception: Me, Nimesh, Bhawana, Nimesh's mother and sister-in-law, and...

We all know where this picture was taken

# # # # # # #

And here's Bhawana striding through DC's Union Station at the end of our trip, looking like she's returning from just another business trip to NYC:

Finally Here's How The Newly Weds Ended the Year
Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, Nimesh was able to take time from his job at the World Bank so that he and Bhawana could enjoy a belated honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas. It was quite a year!

I am blessed to have this terrific couple living with me. They fill the house with love and laughter. I love having their young friends drop by. But they also give me lots of my treasured alone time.

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