February 20, 2013

Kindness Boomerang Hits Me at Stanley's in New Orleans

On Lundi (Monday) Gras, after checking into the Bourbon Orleans hotel the night before, I set out to explore New Orleans' French Quarter. I ended up at Jackson Square in front of the Cathedral. When I asked someone to recommend a good, casual place for lunch, the immediate response was "Stanley's, on the corner just past the Cathedral."

The wait for a table was 20 minutes, but I could get seated immediately at the counter.

The two women sitting next to me (unfortunately not clearly shown in this photo) were local young professionals. I didn't really talk with them, but we all chatted with our waiter.

They paid their checks and left. When I asked for my bill minutes later, the waiter told me my two neighbors at the counter had already picked up my tab.

Maybe I looked older and more decrepit than usual that day. But I like to think what happened at Stanley's was an example of how "Big Easy" residents practice the "Kindness Boomerang."


Nancy said...

John, beautiful! Thank you.

Kathleen M said...

Wonderful reading and viewing. Thanks for a great visit to New Orleans. Brought forth some fine memories and awakened a desire to return after so many years away.

Sunnysouth said...