February 25, 2013

"Why Does Health Care Cost So Much?" -- Time Magazine's Must-Read Cover Story

The current Time magazine article by Steve Brill is summed up in about three minutes in the video above. Not bad for a story that spans over 30 pages -- the longest article Time has ever run. Here's a link to the text -- http://ti.me/XyMKP4.

It was scheduled to run initially in The New Republic as the cover story in its relaunch, but it got bounced by an interview with President Obama. In a huff, Brill took it to Time.

I can't see how anyone, even a Tea Partier, could watch the video -- or better yet, read the article -- and then argue that health care should be in the free market place, with little or no regulation.

The article should be read in full, but here's a three-part video from the Jon Stewart's interview with Brill where he decribes his investigation and report.

Jon Stewart Interview with Brill

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