March 18, 2013

Can Vegan Diets Prevent and Treat Parkinson's?

While searching for information about coffee's effects on health, I came across a video I liked. Digging deeper, I discovered a motherlode of diet and health information packaged in short, often humorous videos based on scientific studies.  A quick search led to two of his videos on vegan diets and Parkinson's.

Coffee Is Good For You

By now I'm wary of falling into the trap that snared me a year ago when I posted a video about Dr. Mary Newport's claim that coconut oil produced dramatic improvement in her husband's Alzheimer's disease. I thought the video was produced by CBS, but it was actually was produced by CBN (Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network). Robertson and Newport are making big bucks from their unsubstantiated claims for coconut oil.

So, I felt compelled to check out the creator of these videos.  Dr. Michael Greger is a general practitioner, author, and lecturer. He graduated from Cornell University's College of Agriculture (bias alert: I'm a graduate of Cornell's School of Industrial and Labor Relations) and he received his MD from Tufts University's School of Medicine.

He is  Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States. He appeared as a defense expert about mad cow disease in the libel suit brought by cattle producers against Oprah Whitney.

A vegan since 1990, he began producing weekly diet and health videos in 2010 (Click here for his website). Unlike so many others, Greger donates all proceeds from his lectures, DVDs, and writings to charity.

I searched his site for "Parkinson's" and found two videos: one about vegan diets to treat Parkinson's, and another about vegan diets to prevent PD. Here they are:

Treating Parkinson's Disease with Vegan Diet

Preventing Parkinson's Disease with Vegan Diet

So... Looks Like I'll Give Vegan a Try
I've researched the pros and cons of vegan diets, which I'll share tomorrow. I plan to follow this advice: Try it for a month. See if it affects your blood pressure, cholesterol, and general well-being.


Sheila TS said...

How has your vegan diet been going?

Sue Waller said...

I was diagnosed 9 mths ago and have been following Freelee Banana Girl for the last few mths. Now I'm ready to take the plunge and see if it works for me