May 6, 2013

Book Signing for Marione Ingram on a Lovely Sunday

Despite aches and pains from two days of working in the garden and then coming down with a bad head cold, I had a great time Sunday afternoon as friends, old and new, gathered at the house for a book-signing by my treasured friend Marione Ingram. I did  a post earlier this year about the book -- The Hands of War --  and the Daniel-and-Marione  love story.

So let's just do a picture story today:

The Hands of War Being Signed by Marione . . .

. . . with The Hands of Love

Marione and Mano 

Daniel the Book Seller

Marione and Her Daniel and Typhoid John - I Hope No One Else Comes Down with My Head Cold 


The Back Porch and Garden Were a Bit Chilly But Nice

I Want To Show Off My Grandson's Montage Self-Portrait, So I'll Have To Feature Mano Again

Finally, Three of My Favorite Friends -- Gerry Has Learned Over the Years that He'd Better Pay Attention to Donna.  Bhawana Is Learning. 

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