June 28, 2013

Alaska Cruise: Computer Problems and My OCD

For the first half of the cruise, I tried to keep  a daily photo journal on my laptop. I had paid for unlimited wi-fi, but I wasn't happy with the service.

I could understand not getting a connection via the ship's satellite antenna while we were at sea. But even when we were in port, the connection was spotty and slow. I figured I needed to schlep the laptop into town and find a hot spot. If there were none, I'd look for an internet cafe or public library with available computers.

The connection issue was only part of the problem. At home, I use a desktop Windows PC. My laptop is an Apple.  And teaching this old dog new tricks on the Apple has not gone smoothly.  So I was spending too much cruise time trouble-shooting computer dilemmas.

OCD, Even on a Cruise
It was crazy. I hadn't signed up for this cruise to stare at a computer screen. But my obsessive-compulsive disorder had kicked in.

When the ship docked in Skagway, I found myself runing around trying to find computer access. We were there on a Sunday, and most shops and restaurants were closed. I was told the best bet for getting online was the pubic library, eight blocks from our ship's dock.

Since my back injury two years ago, I've rarely walked that far. But with the OCD in overdrive, I charged off. I arrived at the library just before its 1pm opening.

Within half an hour, I realized the library's PC wasn't going to help. I was now really wiped out and thought I'd have to crawl back to the ship. Instead, I tried to flag down one of the few cars heading toward the harbor. Finally a cop picked me up and drove me back to the ship.

You're probably thinking: "This guy is nuts!" And you'd be right.

From One Side to the Other
The Skagway craziness brought me to my senses. And with my tendency to careen from one side of the road to the other, I went to the other extreme. I didn't open the laptop for the rest of the trip.

I'd been downloading my photos from the camera to the laptop for the first half of the cruise -- Vancouver to Juneau. After that, I left the photos in the camera and downloaded them onto the desktop when I got home.

I breathed a sigh of relief, back at my trusty old tried-and-true desktop. Ha! The next day, the desktop's on-off switch got stuck in the "off" position. We tried pulling the plug, rebooting, and many other tricks. Nothing worked.

I called my computer geek a few days ago. He got the computer to start up, but that's all. We couldn't access any files.

OK, enough for now. On Monday, hopefully, we'll have recovered the photos of the best part of the cruise  and can resume the photo journal.

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Linda Starke said...

John, I am loving these posts about your trip! and the photos. I went on a similar cruise years ago but only up to Sitka. It was similarly low-key, to put it kindly.....hope your computer problems are solved soon....