June 21, 2013

Alaska Cruise: Mine Just Ended. Yours Is Just Beginning

Here I am, on a glacier. You can see the helicopter that brought me here -- and returned me safely to Skagway -- in the background. This pic is a preview of coming attractions.

I got home Thursday morning from my Alaska cruise. While away, I'd hoped to blog a photo travelogue in real time, but the ship's spotty wi-fi -- combined with my own stupidity -- made that impossible. I'll spend this next week reliving -- and sharing -- my travels. I'll warn you in advance: my photos won't do it justice.

The week was incredible. My cabin steward said she's been working on Alaska cruise lines since 1997 and had never seen weather so good.

There were scattered showers when we sailed from Vancouver on Wednesday, June 12. The next day at sea was cold and rainy. I worried that the nasty weather would follow us up the Inside Passage and into the Gulf of Alaska.

But then, a miracle. It was sunny and warm every day after that. In Juneau, we hit 83 degrees: a record for the date and 21 degrees warmer than normal. 

I learned a lot about Alaska. As often happens on my travels, I learned a lot about myself, too.

Stay tuned.

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