June 21, 2013

Home Sweet Home

The post directly above will begin the photo journal of my week on Regent Cruise Line's Vancouver-Anchorage trip. But first . . . .

As I prepared for bed on the last night of the cruise, I took this photo:

As much as I enjoy traveling, it's always great to return home. Yesterday's homecoming was particularly sweet.

Nimesh and Bhawana came out to "namaste" me as my cab pulled up to the house. When I entered the kitchen, this watermelon greeted me:

When I walked into my office, I found this framed enlargement of a photo we'd taken last Dashain:

In the past, I'd return from trips to an empty house. I'd rush to the Safeway to restock the refrigerator. I'd mow the lawn, fill the bird feeders, and work in the garden. This time, N&B had fresh fruits and my other favorites waiting in the refrigerator. The lawn was mowed and the bird feeders filled. Richard, my part-time gardener, was finishing his clean-up in the gardens.
And so . . . after unpacking, I spent the day in bed napping or on the back porch enjoying this view:

Life is good.

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