June 20, 2013

Missed Exit = Unplanned Delight

As I head home from my Alaska adventure, I'm recalling a mini-excursion last month with Nimesh and Bhawana to Frederick, Maryland.

The pleasure of visiting new places, near and far . . . .

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Late Saturday morning, my housemates and I made a snap decision: “Let’s go out into the country for lunch!”

It was a spectacular day – bright, cool, green and blue – and we were all ready for a little adventure.

Initially, we intended to drive to Shepherdstown, WV, a charming town -- about 90 miles from Washington -- with Revolutionary and Civil War connections. Today, with about 15 sites on the National Register of Historic Places, it’s a beautifully kept small town with an active arts and dining scene.

Off we went. Perhaps mesmerized by the beautiful day, we missed the cut-off that would take us west to Shepherdstown. Instead of turning around, we decided to continue north, and find a place to eat in Frederick, MD.

Our “mistake” turned into yet another serendipity. I feel like my life has been full of them, especially the kind when something “bad” (like our highway error) turns into something great.

Enter: the Wine Kitchen
We stumbled upon The Wine Kitchen. We’re so glad we did.

We sat outside, since the day was perfect. Here’s our view.

Nimesh ordered coffee. His French press came with an egg timer, so he’d know exactly when to press the plunger down. (I’d never seen a timer offered for that purpose in a restaurant before, OR bread in the basket already drizzled with olive oil.) Here’s Nimesh, watching the grains of sand slip through the glass:

Nimesh ordered the trout. Bhawana is about to dig into her crock of stew: 

Here’s my delicious Arctic char: 

It was a terrific outing on a perfect spring day.

The restaurant, setting, food, and passing parade of people with dogs . . . well, I found it as “urban chic” as Manhattan.

Frederick, Maryland. What a great surprise!

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