July 22, 2013

Awesome Sunday in Paris for the End of the Tour de France

My son and his companion watched the conclusion of the 100th Tour de France from the grandstand across from NBC Sports' press box. They said it was an awesome experience.

I saw it from the comfort of our living room. I hadn't watched any of the race, even though it was constantly on in the living room! I really liked what I saw of the winner, Chris Froome. I particularly liked his smile.

And I liked how he fought back tears when they played God Save the Queen. What was truly awesome was the sound and light show on the Arc de Triomphe -- even watching it on TV!

My son, who is smarter than I am, believes in watching events, not just photographing them. He did manage to take this picture (Vittel was the "official water of the Tour de France"):

I also had an awesome Sunday on a walking tour of the Marais. Awesome, because the Marais is a terrific neighborhood and because I surprised myself -- spending five hours walking and resting, walking and resting.

Did I mention it was an awesome day?

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