July 19, 2013

Here's A Good Sendoff to My European Trip

By the time this post gets published, I should be in Paris, my Higher Power willing. To fill this space, I can't think of a more timely video to remind us that "We Are Forever Young."

I like the Brits' irreverent humor, and I'm glad we'll be in England and Scotland after our week in Paris. One day before boarding the Air France flight from Washington-Dulles airport, I visited Dominique, my barber for at least 20 years. She came to America from France, and we've often discussed the differences between U.S. and French cultures. Ours invariably loses.

I lit a fuse this time by asking Dominique if she'd read Maureen Dowd''s piece in the Sunday NY Times. Maureen reported -- after attending fashion shows in the City of Lights -- that Parisians are in such a low mood these days "they don't even have the energy to be rude." Dominique and I have often talked before about this reputed rudeness of residents in the French capital. I said I've never felt treated any more rudely in Paris than in America. Dominique suggested comparing an American's impression of Parisians with a Frenchman's first experience with a New York City cab driver.
Dowd's piece didn't disturb me as much as the report in the Washington Post that a third of French restaurants acknowledged serving factory-produced frozen foods!

But I'm looking forward to seeing the city as depicted in Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris.

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