August 15, 2013

A Welcome Return to Asolo and the Albergo Al Sole

We needed a final stopover in northern Italy, after we left Switzerland and before we joined the rest of the family in Venice for the cruise to Barcelona. It was an easy choice for me.

In October, 2000, while touring northern Italy’s lake district, I discovered the Albergo Al Sole hotel in the small hill town of Asolo. We used it as a base for day trips to Venice, Padua, and Vincenza because it was a 20-minute drive to Castelfranco, on the main Venice-Milan train line. I thoroughly enjoyed those day trips, but I thought Asolo was a pretty little town and wished I could just spend a few days there.

Now I could.

View of Asolo from my Room

Here’s what I saw from my room. Even the bathroom window had a nice view.

Views from the Breakfast Terrace
What a lovely way to start the day!

A Walk Around Town
I didn’t join my travelmates on the steep climb to the old fort on top of the hill behind the hotel. They said the views were spectacular.

It was a delight just walking around town, with its central square’s sidewalk cafes and narrow streets.

Violin Concert Rehearsal
As luck would have it, renowned violinist Thomas Christian had been conducting a month-long master class in Asolo this summer for young musicians. They were giving a concert in a beautiful small old church on their final night in Asolo . . .  which was our last night, too. We attended the concert and loved it.

Earlier that day in my stroll around town, I followed the sound of music and ended up sitting in the church for an hour, watching the students rehearse in the presence of the maestro. 

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