November 4, 2013

Fall at Home: A Beautiful One!

My apologies for the title's double entendre. An 84-year-old with Parkinson's shouldn't joke about falls at home. But as family and friends know, I'll joke about almost anything.

I love fall in this part of the world. And this year, I enjoyed seeing peak foliage twice. A month ago, returning from the World Parkinson Congress in Montreal, we spent two splendid days driving through the Adirondacks while colors were at their most brilliant.

Now the peak foliage has arrived in the Washington area. In my not-so-humble opinion, what I see here holds its own with the Adirondacks!

The first shot above shows my backyard. It was taken on Saturday by my housemate Nimesh, a world-class photographer. During my 3am "Joy of Quiet" time, I was thinking of the photo and the fall-at-home beauty. When I got up from my "second sleep," I raised the blinds at my bedside window and snapped this picture of the first light on my street:

Then, consistent with my belief that "too much of a good thing is a better thing," I kept clicking away as the day began. Here's what I saw when I opened the drapes at the front bedroom window:

After putting in my dentures and getting into my sweats, I walked outside to the curb for the Sunday Washington Post and New York Times:

Then I took this shot of the view down the street:

Since I was clicking away, why not take a shot of the house? As you see, I replaced the old grass lawn with a planted yard a few years ago, so don't blame me when you hear those noisy, polluting power mowers!

I checked the back porch to see if the weather forecast was right. Yep. It was too cold to enjoy breakfast, coffee, and the newspapers out there:

This shot of the side yard completes the circle tour of the house. When the monster derecho in June 2012 brought down the magnolia and cherry trees that had shaded this area, I converted it into a sunny, butterfly garden.

Happy Tihar
Back inside, the house is also colorful, as we celebrate Tihar. This "festival of light" -- Nepal's most popular after Dashain -- is observed there by both Hindus and Buddhists. In our household, Nimesh enjoyed Dashain in Nepal, and Tihar here. Bhawana was able to extend her stay in Nepal to observe both holidays there. While in Nepal, she learned that her MBA dissertation had been approved with commendation . . . news that made our Tihar extra bright. Congratulations, Bhawana!

Showing his creativity, Nimesh united two cultures in a display that combined traditional Nepali sweets with leftover Halloween candy:

 I get to celebrate the Redskin's overtime victory over the Chargers.

The end of a great day:

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