November 14, 2013

Which of These Aerobic Exercises Is Best for Me?

I've started a new round of weekly meetings with my physical therapist. She'll fashion a few exercises to address my specific issues, and -- I know -- she'll urge me to do some aerobic exercises. I used to get plenty of aerobic activity on my bike, but the balance problems that came with PD -- and aging issues, too -- put an end to my biking. I miss it very much.

I substituted long walks, which I enjoyed almost as much. Then a car crash two summers ago resulted in a fractured vertebra. The lower back pain I experienced after the accident slowed me down even more.

My PT designed exercises to address that back pain, and they've worked like a charm. I can't use discomfort any more as an excuse not to take those neighborhood walks. But it's getting colder . . . .

What else could I try?

How About A Dance Group?
They certainly were popular at the World Parkinson Congress (WPC) in Montreal last month.  Here's a clip from NBC New, reported by Chelsea Clinton no less:

But I'm a  klutz and never could dance. I'm also uncomfortable with group exercises; I'm convinced everybody is watching me and trying not to laugh.

How About Boxing?
It's one-on-one, doesn't involve a group, and was also popular at the WPC:

Hmmmm. Maybe a bit too macho for me. 

Prancercise: a Better Fit?
I can only imagine what my neighbors would think if they saw me prancing down MacArthur Boulevard like this:

Here's What Won Out:

This exercise bike used to be in the recreation room in front of the TV, which I never watch. Now it's upstairs to my office. When I'm at the computer (which is a lot of the time!) and come across a YouTube video I want to watch, I climb on the exercycle to view it.

Here I'm watching the 9-year-old opera singer who was so terrific on "Holland's Got Talent."  If you haven't seen it before, take a look.  You could run in place while watching it.


Anonymous said...

Great solution. But change of exercise has been recommended to maintain interest. Watching utube may be part of the answer. Keep up the good work!
Pat declined for a while, but seems to be improving. She likes change of environment...lucky we have two homes. Jim

gleeson1929 said...

I can definitely understand where Pat;s coming from. I just signed up for a cruise around South America in
February. Wonder if I can stay put until then, (BTW, you're one of the few who can figure out where my "gleeson" handle comes from. You can probably figure out the 1929 as well.)