January 1, 2014

Inspiration for the New Year: Two Great Speeches by Two Great Men

Nimesh Thapa's photo.

HAPPY 2014

My housemate Nimesh took this photo of the Christmas lights at the Mormon Temple in Kensington, MD just outside Washington, DC. This impressive church and surrounding grounds shine brightly with more than 450,000 sparkling Christmas lights.

Several friends recently sent me links to terrific speeches by two great men. Check them out for an inspiring start to the new year.

Charlie Chaplin as the Great Dictator
Here's Charlie Chaplin's final speech from the film The Great Dictator, with a splash of modern imagery. The song is Window by The Album Leaf.

David Foster Wallace's Commencement Address at Kenyon College
Titled "This Is Water," Wallace's speech has been called the greatest commencement address ever:

Segue to Salutogenesis, My Next Blog Topic
Here's one of the many good quotes from Wallace's address:
The only thing that's capital "T" True is that you get to decide how you're going to try to see it. This, I submit, is the freedom of real education, of how to be well-adjusted. You get to decide what has meaning and what doesn't. That is real freedom. That is being educated and understanding how to think. The alternative is unconsciousness.
The January 2014 issue of the Mayo Clinic's Health Letter introduced me to the concept of salutogenesis, which has encouraged me to decide HOW to look at the mystery of health.

Without the wisdom and panache of Chaplin or Wallace, I'll nonetheless reconsider my own health and welfare over the next few days through the interesting lens of salutogenesis.

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