February 26, 2014

Around Cape Horn, #3: Holland America's War on Germs Gives Me an Idea....

On my two Regent cruises last year, I was impressed by their effort to suppress onboard sickness by positioning hand-sanitizing machines around the ship. Holland America has done the same on the MS Zaandam:

Holland America takes it one step further. As you exit any rest room, a sign on the door makes this request:

I've received several invitations to meet-and-greet gatherings with the ship's crew. Each invitation included a message like this:

All of these hand-sanitizing precautions and hand-shaking warnings gave me an idea that might reduce illness and death around the world: replace our western handshake greeting with the "Namaste" exchange I've loved during my many visits to Nepal and India.

When we shake hands, we are saying "Nice to see you," or "How are you?" When we exchange a "namaste" greeting, we are saying much more.

We are sharing love, not germs.

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