March 21, 2014

My Energy Bank Balance Looks Worse, But I Look Better

Adding Tuesday's four-stage surgery for the skin cancer to the earlier energy drain from my "trip from hell" left my energy bank near bankruptcy. I staggered from couch to chair to bed yesterday. Today, I'm beginning to feel the energy dribble back in.

But my mood got a big boost this morning when I removed the outer bandage and saw that the inner bandage -- which I'll be wearing for at least two months -- is much less gross than I'd expected. It almost matches the color of my hair. But look closely and you'll see the beginning of what my doctor predicted: I may be sporting two black eyes as I walk down the aisle at my granddaughter's wedding a week from Saturday.

An Apology to Others
I feel uncomfortable making this big a deal about a procedure that was a walk in the park compared to the health challenges several of my friends -- and legions of others -- are facing.  But this blog is intended to tell my story as I deal with my health issues. I'll surely have occasion to talk (I hope) about more serious challenges later.

Preview of Coming Attractions
I'm keeping today's blog post brief to conserve my energy. But my early morning meditation produced some topics for posts next week. The trip, the surgery, and my upcoming 85th birthday prompted me to contemplate some major issues I'm dealing with now.

I'll call the theme "Pause for Reflection." Here are three topics I'll discuss under that headline next week:
    • The computer and me -- less PC and more Kindle
    • The difference between solitude and loneliness
    • A fresh look at "to drive or not to drive."
Hello Spring!
I'm writing just after the 1pm arrival of Spring on March 20, and seldom has the season been more welcome! To celebrate, I'm posting a photo I took this morning in my backyard. With trees reflecting in the pond, the goldfish made their first appearance -- signaling Spring, but also reminding us that we can live through hard times.

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