April 14, 2014

I'm Taking the Day Off. But You Should Watch These Videos

A bright sunny day with temperature in the low 80s! The old rocking chair on the back porch, the Sunday New York Times, our neighborhood farmers' market, a friend and his family stopping by after their battle with the Cherry Blossom Festival mobs -- all seemed more compelling than sitting at the computer to write a blog post.

But I know my readers would be devastated if they didn't get a post today. So I dredged these clips out of my files. I had another reason for saving this first one: I need to look at it periodically to remind myself of what I should be doing:

Here's a short and sweet depiction of aging:

I'm not a juggler, but my own variety of mindfulness meditation is among my most important daily activities:

Now, back to the rocking chair for my late afternoon coffee. 

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