September 26, 2014

Three Old Rocking Chairs Have Got Me

I had planned today to write about my blood pressure crisis and my two most important meds: carbidopa-levodopa (my first line of defense against Parkinson's), and 5-HTP (my salvation in warding off the most threatening Parkinson's non-motor symptoms).

But I decided that post needed more research.

Fortunately, waiting in the wings was this piece I'd written just for fun. Much of my life is spent in one of these chairs.

I live in a split-level house, and the first two of these rockers are on the ground  level.

The Living Room Rocker . . .
Too bad the reflection from the window blemishes my grandson's self-portrait in the center of the picture. It's my all-time favorite Christmas present:

. . . and the View
Every window in the house offers a lovely view:

The Back Porch Rocker . . .
If the weather is at all decent, this is where I spend most of my time. The view behind this photo is OK, but . . .

. . .  This is My Favorite View:

The Bedroom Rocker
This chair had been infrequently used, but it's having a revival. I got the Harvard chair from a posting on our Palisades listserv, and it's ideal for my meditation hour. I'm reorienting the furniture -- and my thinking -- so I'll spend more time here:

. .  . and the View from There:

One problem with the porch and the living room is the lack of a bathroom on this first-floor level. As my age and Parkinson's advance, I have to use the bathrooms on the bedroom level more often. Spending more time in the bedroom rocking chair makes sense now. Down the road, I may be spending most of my time on the bedroom level. One of the bedrooms has been converted into the office where I spend a lot of time.

The Hazard Zone

You can see the computer screen in my office beyond the top of the stairs. Even with bannisters on both sides, these stairs present the greatest danger of a serious fall. One of the stupidest things I do is navigate these steps using both hands to carry drinks, food, or reading matter, instead of holding on to the bannister.

My Carpet Quandary   
You may wonder why I don't do something about the awful-looking carpeting.

When I was diagnosed with Parkinson's five years ago, I had a spell of insanity -- fortunately temporary. I was going to sell this house I love and move into a senior residence. I may need to do that sometime, but I've been very happy living here these past five years.

Back then, realtors advised that today's home buyers don't want wall-to-wall carpeting; they want hardwood floors and scatter rugs. But that arrangement would increase the risk of falling for someone like me. So I'm stuck with the old wall-to-wall carpeting for now. It doesn't make economic sense to install new carpeting only to rip it out when I leave.

Louis Armstrong and Jack Teagarden Pay Tribute to Their Old Rocking Chairs

"Cane By My Side"
And in this photo, you can also see my grandson's superb collage self-portrait directly behind me.

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