October 22, 2014

Hibiscus Tea for Blood Pressure Issues

Once again, blood pressure (BP) concerns have taken center stage. For most of my adult life, the issue was finding a medication that would treat my high BP without causing troublesome side effects. None of the many drugs I tried was completely satisfactory.

Freedom at Last
Six months ago, I thought I had finally won my freedom from those medications. I kept seeing medical authorities suggesting that people age 80+ could stop taking BP meds if they showed no other signs of coronary trouble. My BP specialist said he "wouldn't lose any sleep" if I stopped popping the pills. So I did.

Since then, my numbers have usually stayed within the new guidelines (150/90) for people 65+. But now I'm dealing with neurogenic orthostatic hypotension (NOH), which causes my systolic number to tumble, sometimes below 90. There's also a danger from aggressive treatment of NOH, which can lead to an opposite problem -- supine hypertension. Naturally, I'm likely to overdo it on aggressive treatment.

All of this means I'm again searching for something that might prove helpful in dealing with my BP issues.

I recalled using hibiscus teas in the past for their alleged BP benefits. I've just checked several references about that product, including a link to one of my favorite sites for nutrition information: NutritionFacts.org.

On that site, Dr. Greger provides an update on hibiscus tea:

In this video, Dr. Greger discusses just how much hibiscus tea is too much:

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