March 6, 2015

My Story from Start to Finish in One Photo

For those whose eyesight is as bad as mine, the sweatshirt logo reads:

It's where my story begins -- Ithaca, New York

Actually, I was born in Hudson, New York, in the spring of 1929. My dad lost his job there after the October, 1929 stock market crash. The family -- my dad, my mom, and me -- spent the next few years bouncing around from locations around New York City to Philadelphia and back again as my dad worked several short-term jobs.

I remember none of this. My first memories are of living in Ithaca, the family's home since 1932. I lived there until April 1955, when I moved to Washington DC to take a job at BNA, where I'd remain until I retired at the end of 1994. I intend to remain here at my DC home until my final departure.

I spent my formative years in Ithaca. I've done a lot of traveling since then, but I've seldom found a place more beautiful.

Yes, Ithaca was the beginning. But I expect to end up with my ashes sprinkled on the hillside just beyond the chairs and river birch trees in the background of the photo above. When that happens, I'll be joining my beloved golden retriever Sandy, whom I buried on the hillside 35 years ago.

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I'd planned a more substantive blog post for today. But -- since everyone else in the area was enjoying an unexpected holiday after this snowstorm closed the federal government, local governments, most school systems and businesses -- I decided to make a quick post and declare a personal holiday for the rest of the day.

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Happy snow day ~ stay warm!