April 10, 2015

A Gathering of the Schappi Clan

Isn't this a good-looking group? Most of us old fogeys find that as our age increases so does our focus on spending more time with families and friends. We usually can remember their names.

For many of my contemporaries, those get-togethers mean spending  lots of time traveling around the country or the world. I'm fortunate that my son and daughter, my three grandchildren, and my four great-grandchildren all live in the Baltimore-Washington area.

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers used to happen at my house in Washington. Now I travel over the hills and through the woods to my son's house in the forest near Camp David, Md. Fortunately, my daughter Ann lives in Alexandria, Va. and does the driving.

Todd's house is a short drive from Smithsburg, Md. for the family's largest contingent -- the Dreisonstoks. They comprise Todd's daughter Jessie, her husband Dan, and their daughters Kaylee (8) and Kenzie (4 in a few weeks), and son Camden, born on a memorable Christmas Eve, 2013.

Baltimore is home to an increasing number of Schappis. Todd's daughter Emily married Jerrod Fuller in February, 2014, and the happy event became the subject of a major post on the blog. Their daughter Emarie was born in November.

Todd's son Colin remained in Baltimore after his graduation from the Maryland Institute College of Art there. He's appeared at the last few family gatherings with the lovely Michelle. This fall, they'll travel to China to teach English for six months or more. I don't know where else the relationship might be headed.

The Schappi clan has another locus; my brother Roger still lives in our hometown of Ithaca, N.Y. His son Dan and Dan's wife Suzanne live nearby in Trumansburg with their children Jamie and Ashley. Roger's other son Jeff brings us back to the Washington suburbs. He and his wife Tammy live in Annandale, Va. with their twin sons Christopher and Matthew

A very important member of the family, Todd's significant other Jill Peterson, is missing from the group shot because she was taking the pictures.

Some Individual Snapshots
Do we still call them snapshots in this digital age? In any event, here's a nice shot (cropped and enlarged from the group photo) of Todd with Camden, and Ann.

Here are the Annandale Schappis. Christopher and Matthew are proof that not all twins look alike.

And here are the Dreisonstoks. There's an excellent self-portrait of Colin on the back wall, but a bright reflection from a window makes it hard to see. An old fogey lurks in the background. On the left is  the old rocking chair that's got him

Here's Emarie, the newest addition to the clan, with her loving parents Jerrod and Emily. Next to them is Dan Dreisonstok. I'm sure there's a Redskins logo underneath the sunglasses. Unlike the fair-weather Redskins fans, Dan refuses to switch his allegiance to the Baltimore Ravens.

When it comes to kids, Colin is a pied piper like his dad. As soon as he appears, Kaylee and Kenzie run toward him and follow him around.

These photos came from several cameras. Looking through the shots, I found close-ups of everybody except the Ithaca family. Cropping out part of the group photo provided this shot of Suzanne, Jamie, and Ashley on the right. 

Here's Dad Dan:

Finally, here's my brother Roger and me. The Ithaca family drove to Washington on Wednesday and used a hotel downtown as a base for touring on Thursday and Friday. But Friday afternoon they drove Roger out to my house where he stayed until they came back mid-day Sunday to pick him up for the drive back to Ithaca (where snow was forecast for Sunday night). So Roger and I had a couple of days of quality time for one-on-one chats. That was the highlight of the reunion for me.

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Emira is beautiful! You are truly blessed with your family. Hugs.