May 15, 2015

. . . Then Add Some Core Muscle and Other Exercises for My Bad Back

When I finished my training on the BIG exercises, I asked my excellent physical therapist about core muscle exercises. I had heard that they might help alleviate my chronic lower back pain. She agreed and recommended two exercises in particular. That was five years ago, and I still do these exercises almost every day. 

This unusual dedication is due to one thing: I can tell that these exercise really help. 

Here they are.

That's what my PT called the first exercise, but it goes by various names. Here's one description I found.

Getting the exercise right takes a little practice. Here's an explanation under a different name.

Pelvic Brace Exercise

Once a day, lie on back and "deflate the balloon" (mine's more like a beach ball) by pushing the belly button down toward your spine without inflating the stomach. Perform this exercise at 50% or less of full effortPut your fingers on the lower abdomen and feel the stomach going in. 

"The Bridge"
The second exercise is more easily described. This image should suffice.

Image result for Bridge exercise

Other Lower Back Exercises
Recently I came across a WebMD site that displayed a good selection of exercises for lower back pain. I selected the ones here:

Coming next week: Exercises rated most effective, and tai chi for Parkinson's.

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