June 8, 2015

In Honor of a Rare Event: A Weekend in Washington with Perfect Weather

I don't usually post anything on Mondays. But this past weekend was so glorious I wanted to memorialize it. I can look back on this post in the coming months when Washington undoubtedly will revert to the normal heat and humidity of this swamp.

I spent the weekend at home, mostly on the back porch. In my humble opinion, the view from there is hard to beat.

My house is one of four virtually identical neighborhood split levels built very close together. I've been working for years to create an oasis in the backyard with plantings that screen out my neighbors' houses. I'm getting close

Our New Grill
These photos were taken last weekend, but I want to show off our new grill. Here Nimesh and Bhawana are studying the instructions on how to put the grill together.


Sunset Saturday Night
Hard to tell whether I'm reading or sleeping. You can find me doing both in this rocking chair.

Sunday Evening
My housemates are ready to take off for a wedding reception, where they'll perform a Nepali folk song.

I will always remember their performance at an earlier wedding reception:

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