August 21, 2015

CurcuWIN: A Caution and an Example of Patient Forum Usefulness

A few days ago, I reported that I planned a switch to the CurcuWIN brand of curcumin -- the active ingredient of the Indian curry spice turmeric -- known for its effective anti-inflammatory properties.

A recent update about curcumin supplements by ConsumerLab prompted my decision.

I'm a member of two online forums for people with Parkinson's: Patientslikeme and HealthUnlocked. Before bedtime last night, I sent posts to both forums about my planned switch to CurcuWIN.

This morning, two responses awaited me, both from a HealthUnlocked member.

Here's the first:
Recent Amazon 1-star review of the Curcuwin product FYI: 
"Very deceptive! They are measuring inactivated curcumin and comparing to Longvida's active curcumin in blood!" By Amazon Customer on April 14, 2015.
"Their research mentioned in Product Description distorts the facts. They measured inactive curcumin in the bloodstream and then compared it to active, free curcumin measured in Longvida's testing. The fact is that almost all of the curcumin measured in the bloodstream with Curcuwin is inactivated by enzymes and is not effective at all. Only Longvida has published graphs of actual active Curcumin in the blood vs time. Most brands, including Curcuwin have deliver measurable active curcumin to the blood."
And here's the second:
I was surprised to find absolutely no mention of any of the curcumin products licensed to use the bioavailable 'Longvida' version (65x more bioavailable than regular curcumin) anywhere in the ConsumerLab reviews. Either they're behind the times, or they operate on kick-backs(?). There are a few companies currently licensed to use the technology in their superior versions of this amazing supplement. 
For summary of Longvida: (click links on right side of main page for in depth details)
I just sent an email to ConsumerLab quoting these posts and requesting a response. I'll also research the topic further. Stay tuned.

BTW, I have been taking the Longvida curcumin supplement... and may be sticking with it.


Hedgehog said...

Hi; did you ever hear back from ConsumerLab about the allegations regarding CurcuWIN? Did you decide to switch to taking CurcuWIN after all, or did you stick with Longvida?

Hadley Sanford said...

Only two Curcumin Products I know work through physical experience with inflammation reduction and researcg, are Terry Naturally's "CuraMed" 750mg version using BCM-95 carrier method taken 2-3x daily with fatty meals and/or Fish oil. Also, Solgar's "Full Spectrum Curcumin" using the more novel "NovaSOL" micelle method from Aquanova in Germany. I have experienced dramatic inflammation reductions from each product separately. I use some of each product daily now to cover more bases. The NovaSOl is nano sized and can reach smaller areas in the body. Obviously BCM-95 has been around for a long time and has a lot more studies, but I am confident NovaSOL will do well in time. There was a newer study on NovaSOL using genetically modified mice with Alzheimers. The Mice given NovaSOL curcumin had improved Mitochondrial Function and removal of Amyloid Beta deposits in the brain through the activation of certain genes switched on by the NovaSOL Curcumin.

If you check out both CuraMed 750mg and Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin on Amazon, they both have gotten great ratings and reviews. The Solgar product is newer and has taken some time to accumulate confidence to purchase it with positive review feedback. The CuraMed 750 has over 400 reviews nearly 5 stars and also there is the award winning Curamin pain relief product with a ton of great reivews.