August 5, 2015

My Life and My Blog: Sharpening the Focus

Now that I've decided that this year may not be my last, I'm asking a few questions. How will I manage my time ahead? How can I make the blog more meaningful?

Evolution of the Blog… And Me
I was belatedly diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (PD) in the fall of 2009, when I was 80. I started this blog the next year, giving it the title "Parkinson's and 5-HTP." Why? I had discovered that the serotonin booster 5-HTP was like a miracle remedy for several non-motor symptoms of PD, like depression and insomnia. Surely hundreds... thousands... (millions!) might benefit from my discovery.

Soon enough, after all my touting of the supplement, I discovered that the 5-HTP miracle was mine alone. But in the process, I also learned how much I enjoyed researching medical topics and writing the blog.

The more I wrote, the more I wondered if my own health issues were related to my PD, my aging, or both. So I changed the blog's title to "Aging and Parkinson's and Me."

At first, I reported on medicines and treatments related to Parkinson's and aging. Gradually, I began focusing more on the "me" part of that title.

One of my big problems has been a lifelong adherence to this motto:

The blog posts became too long. They required too much time and energy. Time for a new motto:

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Less about Pills, More about People
I'll remain interested in new medicines and treatments. But it's hard to focus on developments that will require years of testing before treatments become available. Yes, a cure for PD or Alzheimer's would be fabulous news, but I don't expect to see such a headline in my lifetime. I'm more interested to learn how I can better deal with my current afflictions.

In a similar way, I'm much less of a news junkie these days. Sure, I'd still like to see major initiatives concerning global warming, our deteriorating infrastructure, and the gross inequities in our economy. But our dysfunctional democracy (correction: oligarchy) guarantees the status quo.

I haven't watched a Sunday talk show in years, and I've essentially ignored the presidential campaign. I'm angry that we are wasting an obscene amount of money and energy on an election that's well over a year away. But really, I'm just not that interested.

What are my current interests? Playing bridge, puttering in the garden, and reading books. These days I find an increasing appeal in just sitting and contemplating, I want to spend as much quality time as possible with my family and close friends. They face a much more difficult world than I did, and I want to help them as much as I can.

I could babble on. But I'm reminding myself that "less is more." Time to sign off.

I'd like to redirect my attention toward simplicity and serenity. That shift won't be easy, since I've spent 86 years doing just the opposite.

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Charlie said...

Hi John,

Recently discovered your blog while researching BCM-95 primarily for alzheimer's and parkinson disease. I've enjoyed reading it. trying to match the doses listed in the studies ( 1 gram - 4 gram). Are you still taking the Life Extenstion's Super-Bio Curcumin supplements ? If so what size dosage ?

Thanks in advance for your time