October 3, 2015

New School Year, New Blog Schedule

Fall has always seemed like the start of a new year for me, undoubtedly because I spent more than 20 years attending school long ago. So it was no surprise that I took a fresh look these past few weeks at what I've been doing, where I'm going, and what I need to do.

Perhaps the most important decision from this review is that I'll publish blog posts every other week. The alternate weeks will be completely free for me to do whatever.

For nearly six years, I've been putting up four or five blog posts every week. I've seldom taken more than three or four days off at a time. I love working on the blog, researching and writing.

But for some time now, it's been clear that my obsessive-compulsive tendencies have once again gotten things out of whack. I fall into the trap of living my life according to Mae West's maxim that "too much of a good thing is a good thing." The blog is the latest "good thing." It doesn't pose the same serious threat to my well-being that resulted from my overdoing the "good things" of alcohol, nicotine, and sex. But I'd be better off guided by the "less is more" mantra, which I've often discussed here in relation to our healthcare system.

The various threats to our health are probably my number one blog topic. Invariably, exercise appears at the top of every list of things we should do to counter those threats. But then I use the time and effort that goes into writing these posts as an excuse for my failure to get enough exercise.

With each passing year, it becomes harder and takes longer for me to transfer my thoughts into blog posts. The increasing rigidity in my hands creates more keyboarding mistakes. Learning to use the Dragon voice recognition software has helped. It would help even more if I spent some time at the Dragon learning center, but I'm too busy correcting my mistakes to do that.

The Pause That Refreshes
I've come up with a to-do list that includes a lot of items, like "learn more about Dragon." It will be interesting to see how many of them are crossed off a week from now. I'm typically much better at "Get Ready" and "Get Set" than I am at "Go."

Changes on the Home Front
I'll need to spend more time on household matters that will be fun and rewarding. Steve, my home remodeling contractor, will begin work Monday on the major changes in the downstairs area of my split level home to make it a more suitable residence for Nimesh, Bhawana, and the new baby expected in March... and for the anticipated visits from new grandparents back in Nepal.

I couldn't be happier with the decision of our family to remain together for at least the next year or two.

I also want to spend lots of time getting rid of all the junk I've accumulated over the 50+ years I've lived in this house. I actually enjoy this sort of housecleaning. But I need to remember that when I get caught up in something like this, I (surprise!) overdo it and find myself a few weeks later wondering "Jeez, why the hell did I throw that away?"

I could go on, but "less is more."

My apologies to the hundreds -- or is it thousands? -- of you readers who get up every morning and rush to your computers or iPhones to read my latest post.

Maybe I can make up for it by just making the half-as-many posts twice as long.

Why is it that I seem to be hearing screams of anguish?


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your post and have often wondered how you are doing on days you skip. Hugs

John Schappi said...

Thanks. I usually wonder about the same thing.

Anna said...


As the survivor of a beloved with PD who died in our family room in 2014, and a daughter who has relocated to be prepared to assist a still mostly independent 83-year-old mother with idiosyncratic HPB and failing vision due to glaucoma, I appreciate every one of your posts, especially the more thought- and action-provoking ones.

I'm looking forward to those more infrequent and longer articles. :-)