January 24, 2016

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning!

That song title from the musical Oklahoma was the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning and looked out the window. The nonstop snowfall Friday and Saturday -- the third worst in Washington's history -- had ended and the sun finally came out.

Here's what I saw from my bedroom windows:

side window by my bed
view from front bedroom window
Under the snow just beyond snow-capped trash cans is the Eskridge Terrace roadway which is always one of the last streets in the city to get plowed. Our block is a cul-de-sac with only 11 houses. Understandably, the city gives priority to plowing , busier, through streets.

After lying in bed contemplating these vistas, I got dressed and headed for my office down the hall. As I turned on my desktop computer, I had this view from the office window that overlooks my back yard:

Next was walking down the seven stairs to the main level of the house to get my cereal and coffee. Here's what I saw looking out the window over the kitchen sink:

Finally after these arduous tasks, I settled into my reading chair in the living room and looked out at this view:

Later, that same view was enhanced as Nimesh shoveled the walk from the house to the street that may get plowed one of these days.

Later, I had my hardest task of the day -- figuring out how to schedule my nap and watching  the playoff games.

So, if I could carry a tune (which I can't), here's what I would be singing:


Eileen said...

Lovely, visually lyrical descriptions of a splendid day.

Aubrey said...

Stumbled across your blog, enjoying your posts! If you are ever looking for a guest post, I am a personal trainer/PTA living outside of DC and I specialize in Parkinson's. Feel free to let me know :)