May 19, 2016

A Setback, Computer Frustrations, and a Solution

On Wednesday, I had a serious setback. I felt on the verge of collapsing, and even wondered if I’d end up in Sibley Hospital’s emergency room again… a repeat of my trip there on March 5. Luckily, Bhawana – one of my housemates -- was home at the time, and again proved very helpful.

I decided this setback was the result of the frustrations I’d felt working on blog posts. As so often happens these days, I was struggling with the computer keyboard, hadn't taken my meds on time, and had spent way too much time sitting in my office chair.

I was almost thinking about giving up on the blog.  But I feel it’s important for me to keep this project going. The blog provides a motivating purpose for me, and in a way – after all these years of telling my story -- feels a little like part of my “legacy.” 

The critical issue is the amount of time I spend keyboarding. Dragon’s voice recognition software helps, but it makes almost as many mistakes as my own slow and unreliable typing. I end up spending hours on a post that someone else could have tapped on the keyboard in fifteen minutes. So I've come up with a remedy: this post is being typed into the computer by my friend and helper, Rikki. 

This idea – like so many -- came to me in the middle of the night, and I'm enthusiastic and hopeful  about it.

The problems I was having on Wednesday have largely disappeared. I've taken my blood pressure several times today, and the numbers are unusually low.

John Pepper and Chris Day – both of whom I mentioned in a post earlier this week about John’s “conscious walking” regimen as a way of managing Parkinson’s symptoms – emphasize  something that they both think is important and that I need to work on – maintaining balance in one’s life.

No question – when I spend too much time at the computer, especially with the frustrations of voice recognition software and my own slow and error-prone keyboarding, my life feels out of balance.

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