May 24, 2016

Family Fun on a Rainy Afternoon

"Jazz on a Rainy Afternoon" is one of my favorite CD albums, and it prompted the title for this post.

We’ve been having the worst May weather I can remember in my 60 years in Washington. This month's temperatures have averaged nine degrees below normal.

Unfortunately, that unpleasantness has coincided with my being hit by shingles, so I have not been a happy camper.

But this past Sunday was a delight, even though it poured down rain most of the day.

My granddaughter Emily – with her husband Jarrod, their two-year-old daughter Emarie and their second (and brand-new) daughter Emira -- drove from their Baltimore home to pay a visit. We had a great time together for a couple of hours. Emira is just a few weeks older than Nivah, the daughter of my housemates Bhawana and Nimesh.

Here’s Jarrod with Emarie and Emira:

And here’s Emily with the two girls:

Here are Nimesh and Bhawana with their new daughter Nivah. That's Bhawana's mother on the left:

The two mothers – Emily and Bhawana -- had a nice talk about dealing with new babies in their two different cultures. For example, Nivah gets an oil massage twice a day, a standard Nepali treatment for infants.

Nivah's Massage
Finally, today brought lots of sunshine and normal spring temperatures. (The link will take you to Amazon's page for Spring in Washington, a book by Louis Halle that has become a beloved classic of nature writing.)

So Nivah gets her first massage outdoors:

Two Marriages, Two Cultures
Both marriages – Emily & Jarrod's and Bhawana & Nimesh's -- and the receptions that followed rank high on my list of most enjoyable events. Emily's March wedding in Baltimore gave me my first experience at an African-American wedding. I provided details and photos in an earlier post. Here's just one of those pictures:

I returned to Kathmandu in March, 2012 for the wedding of Bhawana and Nimesh. In Nepal, wedding celebrations can last a whole week, not just one day.

I shared lots of photos from that marriage, too. Here's one of my favorites:

It was great to have these two strands of family come together on that rainy Sunday.

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