May 10, 2016

Here's Emira, My Sixth Great-Grandchild

Emira, born on April 15, is the daughter of my granddaughter Emily. In this photo, she's flashing the V-for-victory sign:

Dad Jerrod gazes at her fondly, while sister Emarie tries to ignore her:

Here are my other four great-grandchildren in the pool with their mother (my granddaughter) Jessie and her husband Dan. Starting at the upper right, we have the oldest of the great-grandchildren, Kaylee, who will celebrate her 10th birthday in July. Next comes mother Jessie (I'll refrain from giving her age), then Kenzie, who celebrated her fifth birthday in April. Dan holds Camden, born on a memorable Christmas Eve, 2014. In the water tube is Hannah born December 7, 2015,

The Entire Schappi Clan in April, 2015
Hannah and Emira will join this group. I enjoyed holding a family reunion at my house last spring. For a "Who's Who" and some family history, click here.

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The names of my great-grandchildren provide an important clue regarding this year's Presidential election.  Explanation in tomorrow's post. 

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