June 29, 2016

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

That song from the musical Oklahoma! popped into my mind today​​ as I was having breakfast on my back porch. Believe it or not, I immediately came up with the name of the singer who sang this song in the 1955 film version of this Rogers​ and Hammerstein musical -- Gordon MacRae. Just don't ask me for the name of that woman I met at the farmers market a ​few days ago.​

What I was looking at this morning was not "corn as high as an elephant's eye," but this:

​And I wasn't sitting on a saddle,​ but on this old rocking chair that got me long ago:

Originally a huge hackberry tree had dominated (and shaded) the backyard. I loved that tree. To console myself when it died, I hired the wonderful Janet Gaskin of Landscape Design to completely redo the backyard. We did away with the grass lawn, planted three big river birches, installed a pond with a ​waterfall and stepping stones, and created the lovely oasis I've enjoyed ever since. Readers of this blog ​have seen frequent pictures taken from the screened back porch, where I can be found whenever the weather permits.
And here I am with "the wonderful Janet Gaskin" today:

I'm ​trying to get back in touch with good friends I haven't seen for a while. An opportunity to do this with Janet came about because two Japanese maples -- one in the side yard out front and one behind the waterfall in the backyard -- were beginning to show their age. They had been part of the original landscaping. 

I seized the opportunity to work once again with Janet. And once again, she came up with creative solutions. Janet wrote to me: 
I found a funky weeping blue atlas cedar that's about 5-6 feet tall x about 5 feet wide with a curvy trunk and bright blue evergreen needles. I found a (surprisingly) large weeping Ruby Falls redbud that's about 6-7 feet tall x about 5 feet wide with a canopy that's more raised than your Japanese maple's canopy so I thought it would be pretty to install 3 variegated hydrangeas with whitish/lavender lacecap blooms underneath the redbud​​.

Here's ​the result with the white hydrangea and redbud installed behind the waterfall:

And here's the "funky weeping blue atlas cedar":

Janet and I agreed that this was a​ splendid revival of our love affair.​

And the garden now is a beautiful setting for photos of the subject  of my new love affair:

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