June 18, 2016

You are Reading a Prize-Winning Blog!

Healthline, which describes itself as the "fastest-growing consumer health information site with 65 million monthly visitors," recently issued its list of "The 15 Best Parkinson's Disease Blogs." Not only did Aging and Parkinson's and Me make the cut, it tops the list!

Well, all right, I'll admit -- had I named the blog "Parkinson's and Aging and Me," the blog would be in sixth place. Yep, the winners are listed alphabetically.

Here's what Healthline had to say about the blog:
John Schappi was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009, at age 80. We love John’s blog because it’s about living life to the fullest — whether that means traveling, going to the ballet, or celebrating the friendships he’s made through Alcoholics Anonymous. He also talks about what products he uses to deal with the side effects of Parkinson’s, such as insomnia, and shares and discusses helpful blog posts and information.
Nice summary.

Other Winners
I'm not familiar with many of the other wining blogs and will enjoy checking them out. But I've often visited these three winners:
  • Fox Feed Blog: This is the blog produced by the Michael J Fox foundation. 
  • Parkinson's Today Blog: The National Parkinson's foundation maintains this blog. 
  • Off and On:The Alaska Parkinson's Rag: This blog is both fun and informative. It's written by Peter Dunlap-Shohl, staff cartoonists for the Anchorage Daily News. I met Pete in November, 2015 when he was in Washington on his author's tour to promote his book: 

Since I can't remember people I met last week, why am I sure I met Pete in November, 2015? When I went to Amazon.com to check on the book, I was told I'd bought it November 13, 2015.

Sorry, Pete. My Degeneration -- along with hundreds of other books --  currently resides in a cardboard box awaiting pick up by a used book store. I'm in the midst of a major downsizing campaign.

One of the many things I like about Pete and his work is that he had positioned my blog first in a list on his blog that he calls "other places to go"... and his list is not alphabetical. 

Another Reminder that Less is More
When I quickly scanned the 14 other winning blogs, I noticed two things right away:
  • none of the other bloggers posted as frequently as I do, and
  • their posts were usually shorter than mine.
I've been trying to make "less is more" my slogan, a replacement my old lifelong (and discredited) slogan of "anything worth doing is worth overdoing." Today's is my third post for this week, and the other two seemed to go on forever. I have my work cut out for me.

But for a starter, I'll save myself some work by copying this note from Pete: "Thanks to Healthline, and to the readers of this blog, without whom the question "Why am I doing this anyway?" would be way harder to answer."


JM said...


Loene said...

Congratulations, John! Well-deserved and overdue
for those of us who, like me, read your blog
"from cover to cover" as soon as we get an
email that it's been updated. With warm good wishes, Loene

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, John. Well-deserved kudos. You're a wonderful writer and storyteller, and have given us a tremendous legacy through your blog. --A reader and fan since 2011 in Foggy Bottom

Alex said...

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