July 9, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen... the Dancing Queen!

I love music and I love dancing. One of my big regrets is that I was born a klutz... and a particularly clumsy, self-conscious one.

Dance therapy for people with Parkinson's has recently become very popular. But I know it would not work for me.

Nonetheless, when I'm alone in my office or on the back porch, music can get me up and moving... even though I embarrass myself. Here's a recent example I permitted (with much trepidation) to have captured on my cell phone:

I have several CDs that get me up and moving. Naturally, this one is a winner:

Believe it or not, I "dance" to "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina."

Oh how I wished I could have had gotten out on the floor at the Sunday tea dances at the Lost and Found after I came out in 1978. But that 49-year-old klutz never had the nerve. But now I can... on my back porch.

Classical music can get me up and moving, too. "Rach 2" will do it.

Conducting Wagner's "Tannhauser Overture" can give me as good a workout as dancing to Diana Ross's "Touch Me in the Morning."


T&D said...

So disappointed your dance video can't be opened, at least on my iPhone.

Harriet said...

Have you considered auditioning for "Hamilton?" A touring company is being put together.

Dreamwalker said...

I LOVE the dance video! You should get your buns down to Fort Lauderdale sometime; we have disco night every Sunday at Hunter's Lounge. You'd be a welcome with open arms and generous hearts! Keep up the rhythm and the moves, John!!!

Dreamwalker said...

p.s. Dreamwalker is Michael Walker -- formerly of Washington, DC BNA and now an adherent of Fort Lauderdale. Retired and living the BEST life!

Bonnie said...

This is great! I hope when I'm your age that I can move as well. On second thought, at 71, some days I have trouble moving this well now! Keep dancing.

Note to former commenter: The video did not open on my iPad and the link showed as an X in my email message. However, I was able to open it on my desktop using Firefox browser.