September 5, 2016

Happy Days Are Here Again... Temporarily

Over this Labor Day weekend, we're finally getting a break from Washington's Summer from Hell. We have enjoyed a few days with high temperatures reaching only the low 80s, and nighttime lows in the 60s. But come Tuesday, the temperature is expected to climb back into the 90s, and by Friday we may be up close to 100 again.

But this respite -- and my response to it -- encourages my hope that my energy and spirits will rise when the temperatures finally drop. On Saturday afternoon, I spent more time on my back porch than I had over the past two months.

And more enjoyable time, too. I must've spent an hour watching a deer with a full set of antlers feeding on my Joe Pye Weed foliage, drinking from the waterfall in my pond, and settling down on the path in the back of the yard for a siesta.

As you'll see, my photography won't win any prizes. Fortunately, the finger I had over my iPhone's lens didn't completely ruin this shot of the deer emerging to drink from the waterfall.

Throughout this encounter, I wished I'd learned how to capture close-ups.

I got off my back porch rocking chair and out into the yard to see how close I could get to the resting deer.

He finally decided I was getting a bit too close.

Back on the porch, I had something even more enjoyable to watch: Nevah, relishing the rare chance to spend some time outdoors.

Now if I can just get through the coming week's heatwave....


mona said...

Lovely story. No worries about the closeup, I was able to enlarge the shot on this end. Glad you had a respite from the heat to enjoy the wonder of God's creations. Stay cool. Love ya

Melissa Crosby said...

Stumbled across your blog whilst in search of info regarding elderly and hypertension. Don't worry about close ups with iPhone. My son is filmmaker and he always suggests NOT using the closeup feature on the iPhone. Just crop the picture. Beautiful deer, great backyard. This summer was hot on Cape Cod too.

John Schappi said...

Thanks Melissa. That's reassuring. Now all I have to do is become more skillful at cropping the picture!

On the subject of hypertension and the elderly, you might take a look at which is a blog post I did on my decision to stop taking blood pressure pills. It's been several years now since I took a blood pressure pill. I monitor my blood pressure closely and the readings are all over the place with systolic readings sometimes over 200 when I miss the timing on my carbidopa levodopa pills and have an extended off period. But the number can go well below 100 if I'm headed toward orthostatic hypotension. I'm learning how to deal better with both of these issues and my "normal" readings are in the range of 120 to 150.