October 22, 2016

My Blog Holiday

I'm back.

I haven't posted anything for almost three weeks, the longest holiday I've taken since starting this blog seven years ago. I needed the break.

For me, the new year begins in the fall. For 20 years as I moved from childhood to adulthood, the fall was the start of the school year… the center of my life in those days. I guess I haven't really shaken that pattern.

My recent blog-free weeks were like a summer vacation. And where did I go on my summer vacation? To Facebook, to follow the commentaries on this horrible presidential election. Not a happy vacation destination choice.

I could also look at the past few weeks and think that I took sick leave – not vacation time – for about half of every day.

Why? Starting sometime in September, I've been leading a double life.

For the first half of each day, I feel pretty good. Then about mid-afternoon, unwelcome changes set in. My mood darkens, and by bedtime, I often feel seriously depressed.

Incontinence – not an issue during the early part of the day -- kicks in big time. Same with my runny nose.

To offset these unpleasant developments, I’ve enjoyed positive experiences dealing with my peripheral neuropathy and my so-called orthostatic hypotension.

I'll discuss these topics in my next post.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

John, I just discovered your blog while looking up information for my dad. I feel that I've learned a lot and I also feel encouraged to see how well you still are since your PD diagnosis in 2009.
I'm so sorry to hear about the crappy last half of your days of late. Hang in there, buddy. We love you!