January 22, 2017

A Fractured Hip

Here I am in Sibley Hospital's emergency room, after falling and fracturing my right hip on Friday. Surgery tomorrow. Then I'll be here in rehab for up to two weeks. I'll keep you posted on the recovery.


Anonymous said...

Oh no. I'm sorry. You look good though.

Growing a Community said...

Healing wishes your way John.

gapch12 said...

Dear John,

I was so sorry to see this photo. I have been following your newsletter since July 2016 when my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

May God Bless you with quick recovery and stay with you as you go through your rehab.

Just remember John, listen to your doctor if he/she tells you need bedrest do this.

You have friends out here.

Patton said...

So sorry about your hip. You are in my prayers
For a speedy recovery. Love your blog. Hope
That you will continue it when you are better

Linda said...

Just discovered your blog. Hope you are doing well and that you are making good progress with the physical therapy.