January 31, 2017

My Fall, Hip, Operation, Rehab, and Schedule

With my friend David. His shirt reads “LIFEGUARD,” which -- 
as far as this narrative is concerned -- is just about right.

It’s been an interesting week and a half. Here’s a recap of events:

Friday, January 20
In the morning, I fell hard in my upstairs home office. I crawled over to get my cell phone on the desk and called my friend David, who arrived quickly. He wanted to call 911 and get me to Sibley Hospital’s emergency room, but I wanted to stay at home.

That night, wondering how I’d get into bed and manage to sleep, I finally relented and asked David to call 911. We arrived at the emergency room around 11pm. The medical team there decided to wait until morning to complete the necessary tests.

Saturday, January 21
No surprise -- the tests revealed a fractured hip. There were other issues, too. It looked like surgery would happen the next day.

Sunday, January 22
The schedule of surgeries was already full, and I was a late addition. By 3pm, the hospital team advised me that there was no way they could operate that day. The surgery would happen tomorrow.

Monday, January 23
It was another busy day of surgeries at Sibley. I was relieved when the pre-op unit team began the prep process around 3pm. I didn’t want to wait yet another day.

During the operation, I developed some respiratory issues. My surgeon determined there were indications of pneumonia, but was able to complete the operation. Sometime after 6pm, I was sedated. 

Tuesday, January 24
I woke up around 9am and learned that the operation had been successful. I was surprised by how well I felt.

Wednesday, January 25
Discussions this day mostly concerned the timetable for my release from the hospital. The staff unanimously recommended that I enter Sibley’s Renaissance Recovery Facility, which provides intensive post-operative physical therapy. Naturally, I wanted to get home as quickly as possible and balked at the notion of a lengthy rehab process at this facility.

Late that afternoon, after struggling -- even with lots of help -- to get out of bed, to get into the bedside chair and then move to the nearby commode, I realized I couldn’t try to hurry home.  Assisting me in my current condition would place a huge burden on my housemates and friends. I needed more professional help.

Thursday, January 26
Another scheduling problem: the Renaissance Recovery Facility was fully booked, so I spent an extra day at Sibley.

Friday, January 27 through the Present
I’ve resided at the Renaissance, getting regular physical therapy.

So, When WILL I Go Home?
Every Thursday, the rehab center holds “care planning” meetings, which focus on the progress and discharge possibilities for everybody in rehab. Patients are welcome to sit in, and so are family members and friends.

My planning meeting will occur at 11:20am on Thursday, February 2. There is some chance I might be discharged as early as this Friday, but I am beginning to think my return home will more likely happen early next week.

Stay tuned.

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